Precautions and Side Effects of TCA Peel

Published: 09th June 2011
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Chemical peels are usually applied to the face, neck and hands to treat many skin imperfections or flaws. When you are dealing with the most visible parts of your body, you should take extra care since a wrong move could make you appear unsightly or can negatively affect your appearance.

While you consider undergoing a TCA peel, you have to bring into consideration many aspects. You have to know first whether you are a good candidate for the TCA peel treatment, what type of chemical peel treatment would suit you, whether you will be able to do the peeling at home or need a professional, what are the precautions and side effects of TCA peel if you decide to undergo a TCA treatment, etc. When you have all such details, there will be less chances of getting into any kind of trouble with the peeling treatment. It is especially necessary when you turn to medium or deep chemical peels. TCA is a medium peel while phenol is a deep chemical peel.

While we talk about the precautions and side effects of TCA peel, we clearly understand that in certain conditions you canít undergo a TCA peel treatment. You should avoid a TCA peel treatment if you are lactating or pregnant, if you have dark color skin, if you are prone to keloids or raised scars, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment, if you are suffering from herpes simplex, etc. Such precautions help you avoid getting into many complications after the treatment.

Talking about the precautions and side effects of TCA peel, we do not fail to find the common side effects of a TCA peel. They include, burning of the skin, persistent redness after the treatment, change in skinís pigmentation after the treatment, post-peel breakouts, extra sensitivity to the sun, risks of infection, and scarring. However, the good news is that when the procedure is performed correctly and when you take care of the instructions carefully, many such side effects can be minimized or avoided totally.

You have to know that using higher concentration of TCA solution on the skin and leaving it there for longer than needed can cause skin damage and the redness remains for longer time. To be on the safe side, always start with a low concentration or have the TCA peel done by a professional and qualified person who knows what has to be done and how.

When you undergo a TCA peel treatment at the office of any dermatologist or any skin care professional, you donít have to worry about the precautions and side effects of TCA peel since you will be well taken care of from the beginning to the end. You would have to find out about all the precautions and side effects of TCA peel and follow them strictly when you are undergoing a TCA peel treatment at home. Many people get tempted to the considerable saving they could get if the TCA peel treatment is done at home, and try to undergo the treatment without much knowledge of the products. They suffer most of the times and instead of getting a better appearance, they ruin their appearance and invite many complications. Ultimately, they visit a dermatologist for the treatment of the damages done by an improperly done chemical peel treatment.

You should know that you have to do some pre-treatment work before a TCA peel, and you have to take care of the treated area very seriously after the treatment. You have to protect the skin from the sun, use medications for certain time, and many other necessities are there that have to be followed for better results and to avoid any complications.

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